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Property Management Software

Make office management easier and faster so you can focus on more productive activities and generate new cash flows.

Increase your revenue lines and overall profitability with RP Office, which allows you to manage more clients without impacting your customer service levels.

  • Quick and easy to use: Receive diverse property data on the one screen, in real time.
  • Automate routine tasks: Reduce the effort and errors associated with everyday administration tasks.
  • Electronic document storage and retrieval: Save space, time and the incidence of lost files.
  • Single database: RP Office offers a single database for property management, sales management, holiday management, body corporate and customer relationship management (CRM) with full trust accounting.
  • Manage accounts accurately and efficiently: RP Office uses double entry accounting to help you manage accounts accurately and efficiently. It also includes a full range of electronic banking facilities, extensive reporting, complete task automation and automatic balance checking.

RP Office is a fully integrated software package that helps you complete property management tasks with less time and effort. RP Office simplifies routine tasks, enabling staff to be more productive so they can focus on the high dollar value areas of your business. RP Office is the complete, computerised solution for real estate management.

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