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Want to know how RP Data can help you?

RP Office

RP Office is an integrated software package that helps you complete property management tasks with less time and effort. It simplifies routine tasks whilst enabling staff to be more productive and focus on high-dollar value areas of your business.

Use RP Office to:

  • Get diverse property data on the one screen in real time.
  • Automate and simplify routine tasks.
  • Reduce the effort and errors associated with everyday administrative tasks.
  • Store and retrieve electronic documents.
  • Save space, time and the incidence of lost files.
  • Save downtime during end of month and statement runs.
  • Email landlord statements.
  • Produce professional reports for clients and prospective landlords through an easy to use process.

Features of RP Office include:

RP Office
  • Auto-archiving:
    • Documents (e.g., PDFs, Videos, Documents)
    • Tenant invoices for commercial and residential
    • Statements, landlords, creditors, vendors
    • Adaptable templates
    • Bulk barcodes – scanned from invoices
  • Intuitive dashboard with all of your relevant information easily accessible:
    • Tenancy management
    • Arrears management
    • Trust accounting
    • Inspection management
    • Property maintenance
    • Clients management
    • Rental appraisals
    • For lease management
    • Prospective tenants
    • Mailing, emailing & SMS text lists
    • Historical database
  • Never be offline:
    • You don’t need to log out of the system to perform backups, end of month or other routine tasks
  • Integrates with 3rd party providers to deliver the best value-add tools and functionality, including the integration of ADL forms for property inspections.
  • Ongoing support from a dedicated Customer Care team.

Who uses RP Office?

  • Residential and Commercial Property Managers
  • Strata Management


RP Office is offered for a monthly subscription fee that is scaled by the number of properties you manage, which can be bundled with your RP Data subscription. Installation and training in the software can be handled by RP Data staff. RP Office can be installed and operating on an unlimited number of machines for no additional cost.

For more information on how RP Office can help you and your business phone 1300 734 318 or enquire here.