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Residential Property Services


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RP Data understands that buying and selling a property is a big investment decision. It’s important for people to have the information they need to be confident about their residential property transaction.

As a result, RP Data is teaming up with the highest quality property professionals to offer a full range of residential property services. By engaging these services prior to selling or buying a property, the true value and potential of the investment will be understood.


RP Data has partnered with several national residential valuation companies to offer Residential Market Property Valuations. Residential Market Property Valuations provide sellers and buyers of property an independent assessment of the fair market value of a residential property. This allows you to be properly prepared to negotiate a fair price for the property at sale or auction.


RP Data has a history of strong relationships with Australia’s leading property professionals. We work closely with these industry leaders to provide high quality residential property valuations to our corporate, professional and consumer customers.

Our Residential Market Valuation professionals are listed below. Please click on each provider to view information on their organisations, their experience and their professional services.

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