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Our Services

RP Data is Australia’s leading property solutions company, delivering vast and accurate information and analytics.

Join the 10,000 plus professionals that use RP Data as their main source of data provider with our range of RP services tailored to your industry. RP Data provide leading property information and analytics solutions that deliver unparalleled services.

Leading the way in offering the best solutions to drive your business, our subscribers refer to our data continuously; 24 hours are day, 7 days a week.

  • 30,000+ daily logins to our services,
  • 100,000+ daily searches performed by professionals and
  • 30,000+ analytical reports completed each day,

Whatever your problem, our range of RP services have the solution:

  • increase listings to sell more,
  • manage your risk portfolio effectively,
  • market to your current and future clients transacting in property, or
  • streamline the way you do business.

This section looks at the wide range of services that we offer to the largest client base in Australia.

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