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Research Services

RP Data’s research division was established in 2007 to complement RP Data's expansive property information services. The aim of our research team is to provide clients with an independent professional property information and analytics service. The research division’s consultancy services range from the supply of data products which include individual property sales through to big picture initiatives such feasibility studies for government infrastructure projects that involve property, transport and retail/commercial components.

We understand the complexities involved in getting a project off the ground, such as the level of analysis and research required for developments around 'brownfield' projects.

At RP Data we are more than just property research analysts. We are now relied upon for our market opinion and our analysis is used to make both macro and micro policy changes. Institutions such as the Reserve Bank of Australia, Property Council of Australia, Urban Development Institute of Australia and Mortgage Finance Association Australia rely on our team regularly.

For more information on how our research team can help you, phone 1300 734 318 or enquire here.