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On-Line Searches RP Data’s On-Line Searches helps you perform comprehensive searches so you can find the information you need, faster.

On-line Searches is an easy and affordable way to obtain detailed information on any property, company or individual. With access to RP Data’s databases and other major on-line services in Australia and overseas, you can rely on On-line Searches to give you accurate and timely information.

Using the on-line title search, you can confirm property title prior to auction, contract or settlement quickly and conveniently.

If you currently use the RP Data Property Service, you can take advantage of reduced fees on several Government databases.

RP Data’s Tenant Information will not only save you time and effort, it will reassure your landlords that you have placed the best tenant into their property.

10+ reasons why online searches  is essential for your office

  • Integrated with RP Data On-Line Property Information Service for comprehensive searches
Searches Include:
  • Title Searches
  • Building Unit Plan Search
  • Community Title Scheme Search
  • Historical Titles
  • Plan Searches
  • Dealing Searches
  • Image Request
  • Property Certificates
  • Power of Attorney Searches
  • Owner Enquiry
  • Local, State and National Government Restriction Searches
  • Utilities Restriction Searches
  • Instrument Searches
  • Pre-paid service puts you in control of costs
  • The service can be topped up at any time with secure on-line credit card payment
  • Very competitively priced
  • Full account audit: you can add, amend or delete staff accounts as required, create and adjust pin numbers and record office-specific references to each search

Since 1991, RP Data has been providing innovative and comprehensive information solutions for the Australian and New Zealand property industry. Through our services, clients obtain the most thorough and up to date property information delivered in real time to increase revenue and productivity, cut costs and extend their capabilities in a highly competitive marketplace.

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