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Residential Property Values Bounce Back in March Quarter '09 - 30/04/2009
Australia’s housing market has continued to defy the sceptics during the first quarter of 2009 with the indicative capital city RP Data‐Rismark National Dwelling Value Index up 1.6 per cent in the three months to end March 2009....

Residential Property Market Back in Black as Property Values Bounce Back - 31/03/2009
According to the latest monthly indices, property values are experiencing a recovery from the modest 3 per cent falls seen in 2008....

Australian market proves to be resilient to tough economic times - 27/02/2009
Today’s release of the combined monthly RP Data-Rismark International Property Values Indices for the 2008 calendar year has once again proven the resilience of the Australia property market during turbulent world economic times....

Strategically located affordable properties likely to be the best performers during 2009 - 31/12/2008
The RP Data-Rismark Property Values Indices for houses and units reveals that the Australian property market continued to show real resilience to the global credit crisis and slowing economic growth. Looking into 2009, the report suggests the greatest growth will come from the affordable segments...

Nationally, property value growth is back in the black - 28/11/2008
Claims that the Australian property market would in 2008 experience a major downturn have been proven incorrect based on the most recent findings of the RP Data-Rismark Hedonic Property Value Index...

Market conditions improve during the September quarter - 31/10/2008
The Australian property market is showing signs of a recovery according to the RP Data-Rismark National Property Values Indices, the most sophisticated measure of value movements in the Australian residential property market...

Property Market Results Defy Doom & Gloom Merchants - 01/10/2008
RP Data & Rismark International confirms that the supply and demand imbalance currently being experienced in...

National Property Indices Reveals Good Time to Start Buying - 01/09/2008
RP Data/Rismark International National Property Values Indices shows that Australia's residential property market continued to lose some ground during...

Most markets fall slightly in value through winter but US experience won't happen here - 05/08/2008
Indices report released today confirms what most people know to be true already; we are seeing modest declines in most....

Residential values remain stable despite low consumer confidence - 30/06/2008
The national residential property value indices report released today by RP Data & Rismark International revealed that Australia’s residential property market has defied speculation of a downturn with national dwelling values...

Market softens creating strong buying opportunities - 30/05/2008
The RP Data/Rismark International end of month indices report released today confirmed that capital growth in the key markets of Sydney and Melbourne has flattened considerably during 2008.

Market continues to soften - 30/04/2008
Australian property market has softened, it remains steady with national values increasing by 1.46 per cent over the three months to March ’08, an annualised return of around 6 per cent.

National Residential Market Overview - 31/03/2008
National house values are now approaching $500,000 for the average family home. A further increase 1.1 per cent in growth will potentially confirm this.

National house value likely to be more than $500,000 before mid year - 29/02/2008
During the year to January 2008, Australian house values increased by 13.97 per cent or $60,657, to reach $494,788. This strong result for the country's housing market has eclipsed the share market, with the S&P...

Adelaide property owners $80,000 richer during 2007 - 31/01/2008
Australia’s powerful property market is set for more solid growth based on the results of the combined RP Data/Rismark Hedonic Indices report released today.

The Great Divide Widens - 28/12/2007
The Australian Property Market is largely in good shape with property prices for houses and units continuing to show consistent increases of around 12.51 per cent over year ending November 2007, but there are some exceptions particularly the Perth market where house prices fell by 0.75 per cent, according to the combined RP Data-Rismark Hedonic Index released today.

RP Data-Rismark Property Index - 30/11/2007
The latest release of the RP Data-Rismark Hedonic Index shows the Australian property market has stepped up another gear, with national house and unit values increasing by 12.58 per cent over the twelve months ending October 2007. The Index figures show that overall Australian property values have been growing steadily since the start of 2007.

RP Data-Rismark Property Index - 31/10/2007
Drawing on Australia's largest property database, the latest RP Data-Rismark Index results show that Australian residential property prices grew by a stunning 12.34% during the twelve months to 30 September 2007, which was well ahead of the forecasts of most economists and commentators.

RP Data-Rismark Property Index - 02/10/2007
Utilising Australia's most comprehensive property database, the latest RP Data-Rismark Hedonic Index results show that Australian property prices continue to rise at a rapid rate despite the US sub-prime crisis and recent increases in the cost of mortgage finance.

RP Data-Rismark Property Index - 03/09/2007
In spite of the gloomy forecasts of some commentators, the latest RP Data-Rismark Hedonic Index results show that the Australian residential property market has continued to experience a strong rebound during the first 6 months of 2007

RP Data-Rismark Property Index - 06/08/2007
The latest RP Data-Rismark Hedonic Index results for July, 2007, show that the housing market is continuing to recover across Australia, with the exception of Canberra.

RP Data-Rismark Property Index - 03/07/2007
Housing market stages recovery in April and May 2007 year to date. Most capital cities experience robust house price growth except Perth, where property prices have continued to be flat.

RP Data-Rismark New Property Index - 07/05/2007
The newly launched RP Data-Rismark “Hedonic” Property Price Index, which shows that house prices across Australia rose by 1 per cent over the March 2007 quarter (or 4% on an annualized basis), has been formally picked up by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) in its Statement on Monetary Policy today.

Australian Banking & Finance Magazine Interview - 23/02/2007
Australian Banking & Finance magazine interviewed RP Data chief executive, Graham Mirabito, about his company’s innovative use of property data to produce information services tailored to the needs of the financial services sector.

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