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Strategic Partners

RP Data boasts a number of leading organisations as strategic partners by teaming up with the best partners to deliver superior property information and analytics.  Our partnerships allow us to realise compelling operational synergies and deliver applications that our clients need.

Rismark Strategic Partnership -

RP Data and Rismark International formed a partnership in 2007. Together, they launched a highly accurate and timely suite of world-class property price indices that has transformed the way Australians measure and understand changes in the value of residential real estate. The "RP Data-Rismark Indices" were the first of their kind to be released for commercial use in the Australian and global markets.

Rismark International ("Rismark") is a global funds management business that has expertise in the execution of sophisticated real estate research and investment strategies. Rismark also has a long history of advising Australian and overseas governments on the development of innovative economic policies as they relate to housing and financial markets.

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Real Capital Analytics, Inc. -

Real Capital Analytics, Inc. ("RCA") is a global research firm based in New York City. The firm's proprietary research is focused exclusively on the investment market for commercial real estate. Within that arena, Real Capital Analytics offers in-depth, comprehensive and current information of activity in the industry. In addition to collecting transactional information for property sales and financings, RCA interprets data such as capitalization rates, market trends, pricing and sales volume. RCA also quantifies the market forces and identifies the trends that affect the pricing and liquidity of commercial real estate around the world. The firm publishes a series of Capital Trend reports and offers an online service that provides current transactional and troubled asset information for all markets globally. For more information, visit:

Real Capital Analytics, Inc.

Australian Securities Exchange -

RP Data is the index provider to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) for its soon to be released Property Index Contracts (PICs). Under an agreement between ASX and RP Data, these innovative new contracts are to be based on the RP Data Rismark Residential Property Indices. PICs will enable wholesale investors, retail investors and traders to gain or manage their exposure to the residential property market without the need to buy or sell actual property. The ASX’s PIC market will include contracts listed over six “RP Data-Rismark All Dwellings Indices”.

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