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Our Data

Property data is the foundation of RP Data and allows us to develop leading solutions for different sectors in our economy. Our Data Team continuously collect and manage property based data and imagery from over 25 disparate sources, including government agencies, industry professionals, proprietary relationships as well as RP generated data. This inconsistent and complex data is then transformed into relevant and actionable information and analytics, helping our subscribers make confident property related decisions.

RP Data spends more money collecting and converting property related data than any other provider in Australia. Data collection methods are increasingly more advanced and we strongly believe that we’re at the forefront of these methodologies. All information from RP Data is subject to rigorous quality assurance procedures, resulting in the most reliable and comprehensive residential and commercial property data available.

Our innovative analysis and reporting tools are used by numerous industry bodies while government authorities use our very own indices in forecasting and policy making.

Below are our latest database counts as at October 2013.

  • over 239.4 million Property Data Records
  • over 37.5 million Property Transactions Records
  • over 81.3 million Attributes/Features
  • over 50.5 million On The Market

Below is an overview on how we source our data and present it to our target markets.